Hermes Alpacas offers drive-by breedings as well as boarding the female for a length of time during the process.  We have separate holding pens where the male and female can get acquainted and spit testing can be done to ascertain the readiness of the female.  We ask thatfor drive-bys that the female be spit tested if  at all possible prior to coming.  This will help in saving you time and money.  If spit testing cannot be done prior to appointment, we will try a breeding if she is ready and if not, we can establish another time or possibly board her until we obtain a good breeding.

All drive-by breedings are 50% down at the time of breeding and the balance is due within 45 days of breeding.  At this point, it should be known whether the breeding has taken, whether you choose to do spit testing or an ultrasound.  If the breeding was not successful, no additional payment is due until the female is rebred and has a positive result.

Females that are purchased from Hermes Alpacas that return for breedings can be boarded for free up to 60 days.  If there is a breeding fee, 50% it is due and payable at the time the female is dropped off with the remainder due within 45 days.

Hermes Alpacas stands behind all of our proven herdsires.  Should the pregnancy slip, or the cria die in-utero or within 48 hours of birth, we will offer another breeding and will continue to work with you until there is a successful breeding with a viable cria.  Should there be a loss of a pregnancy twice, it is required to have the female checked out by a veterinarian knowledgeable about alpacas to ascertain whether the female is able to carry to term.  At this time, you may choose to breed to another one of your females at no additional cost.