Hermes Alpacas offers free boarding for 60 days with any purchase of an adult alpaca so that you can make any final arrangements for their new home. If a cria is purchased, we will board for free until the cria is at least 6 months of age…More



Hermes Alpacas offers drive-by breedings. We have separate holding pens where the male and female can get acquainted and spit testing can be done to ascertain the readiness of the female. We ask that the appointment be made based on the female being spit tested prior to coming. This will help in saving you money and time. If spit testing cannot be done prior to appointment, we will try a breeding if she is ready and if she is not, we can establish another time or possibly board her until we obtain a good breeding…More


Farm Setup

Hermes Alpacas will be happy to assist you in setting up your farm.  We offer knowledgeable advice for exterior and interior fencing including catch pens, establishing separate pastures for rotation, manageable water/feed stations, seeding and fertilizing tips.  We will also establish your farm in a manner in which you can grow and change your set-ups as you grow or as needed.  We can also recommend ways to save money and time!…More



We offer several ways to assist you with your purchase of an animal…More


Animal Management

I will be happy to demonstrate how to trim hooves, check teeth, give oral medication, shots, take temperatures, weigh an alpaca, check eyes, catch, halter and lead an alpaca.  I will also show ways to clean your barn and pasture and help you come up with a solution to dispose of manure and recommendations for parasite control…More